Crome Perfect Picture Wireless Security With State-Of-The-Art Picture Verification.

Smart phone apps with advanced wireless security and safety features.

Monitoring Stations can now identify false alarms as picture verification enables immediate confirmation of a crime-in-progress, prioritising responce and increasing efficiency.

For the self-monitoring market, the smartphone app is ideal, as home owners want on-the-go control and monitoring of their home security.

Featuring remote management, advanced communications, simple instalation, and comprehensive range of peripherals, Agility3 with picture verification is the ideal wireless solution for residential and small comercial instalations.

NBN Ready, beat the issues of the new NBN cripiling alarm systems with the RISCO GPRS alarm panel, we offer a full wireless reporting path, this solution is also perfect for tenants and anybody who wants to move the alarm system by providing proven alarm monitoring
without a land line.
  • Alarms Repairs and Maintenance

  • Most Makes and Models Serviced

  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring

  • Local Alarm Responses

  • Picture Verification

  • NBN Ready

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Crome Security Alarms Canberra Sales and Service, sells, maintains and repairs security alarm systems. Our buisness uses high quality home security systems to protect your most important assets. Our security systems are manufactured to guarantee quality and reliability.

Why Should You Choose a System from Crome Security?

With over 25 years of exsperience in the electronics industry we are especially aware of the availability of parts in case anything goes wrong with your alarm system.
That is why we choose to use the most sophisticated technology both sources localy and from around the world which will provide spate parts and technical support now and in the future.
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