Welcome To Crome Security

Crome Security is committed to supply and install high quality state of the art home/business
security and smoke alarm systems.

To protect you and your Family and your important assets

We have been searching Australia and the world for over 20 years to bring you Security and Smoke
Alarm Systems that are manufactured by industry leaders enabling us to guarantee the high quality
and reliability of our products.
We supply systems to suit a variety of budgets while maintaining quality and superior customer
service. Our alarm system prices start from $299 installed with a 12 month guarantee.

We are committed to protecting you, your family and your important assets.

Back to Base Security & Smoke Alarm Monitoring
24 Hours a Day, 7 days a week.

When your Security or Smoke Alarm is activated, an automatic notification

Is sent to our Alarm monitoring centre. The centre uses state-of-the-art monitoring software

Crome Security have two Australian monitoring stations to look after your alarm system for the price of one, one New South Wales and the other in Western Australia. In the unlikely case of a failure at one station the other takes over to ensure continuous monitoring of your system. We can also provide monitoring for medical emergency and for people who live on their own providing peace of mind that Crome Security is there 24/7 with our Picture Verification Alarm. When this activates the alarm monitoring station can take a snapshot from any of the camera detectors to see what is happening inside your home.   With our state -of -the- art Verification Alarm System no one can activate the cameras without the alarm being set by you to ensure your total privacy.

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